Ever since MCO, we have had many requests for delivery of our signature buns especially the Rotiboy.

Delivering freshly baked Rotiboy is a challenge that we have been exploring for a while. The challenge is how to deliver the boys to our fans and yet be able to maintain the heavenly taste and at the same time manage the high delivery cost to our bun price.

We have now come up with a solution that is better than freshly baked signatures delivery. Now under our Rotiboy Home Bakers initiative, you can enjoy your signature buns fresh from the oven anytime and everytime.

Please scroll down to Order your first Frozen Signature Pack and you are well on your way to bake your own Rotiboy at home, anytime, everytime

rotiboy signatures
Frozen pack


RM31.15 + SST = RM 33.00 


RM33.00 + SST = RM 35.00


RM33.00+ SST = RM 35.00


RM35.85+ SST = RM 38.00


RM31.15 + SST = RM33.00


RM33.00 + SST = RM35.00


RM33.00+ SST = RM35.00


RM35.85+ SST = RM38.00
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Shipping & delivery options

1.What are the shipping/ delivery methods available?

On this platform, we provide only 1 delivery methods:

(1a)Delivery to selected areas within our area of coverage.

There will be a flat rate of RM4.70 delivery surcharge for every delivery request.

2. What are the areas within your delivery coverage?

Below are the areas we deliver to:

(3a) Mont Kiara

(3b) Sri Hartamas

(3c) Wangsa Maju

(3d) Setapak

(3e) Bukit Antarabangsa

(3f) Desa Parkcity

(3g) TTDI

(3h) Ara Damansara

(3i) Petaling Jaya

(3j) Seri Hartamas

(3k) Kota Damansara

(3l) Sieramas

(3m) Rawang

(3n) Valencia

(3o) Subang Jaya

(3p) USJ

(3q) Glenmarie


1. What is Rotiboy Home Bakers (RHB).

During these exceptional times, we are making our signature products available for you to bake at the comfort of your own home. While making many Rotiboy fans and friends’ wishes come true, it is also to bring Families together to have fun and unleash their creativity to learn and experience how to bake Rotiboy Signature buns at home, especially under MCO and also post MCO.

2. Is it difficult to bake Rotiboy at home?

Baking Rotiboy is not difficult but to bake really great buns needs practice and experience. You will probably be an expert after 3 rounds of baking.

3. What equipment do we need to have to be part of Rotiboy Home Bakers?

We definitely need to have an Oven and some baking trays at home.

4. How do we get the dough for baking?

Order the frozen dough online and we will deliver to you together with all necessary ingredients and you can start baking. You can also purchase the frozen pack from selected Rotiboy Outlets.

5. How will we learn to bake?

We will provide you the following;
5a. Home baking instruction manual.
5b. Home baking video.
5c. Customer Care Line for you to seek clarifications and ask questions.
5d. In the future, workshops and engagement sessions.

6. How many dough must we buy at any one time ?

Signature dough will be sold in packages comprising of:
6a. 15 Pieces of frozen dough
6b. 480gm of topping.
6c. Relevant dry toppings, where applicable.
6d. Baking paper
You can buy as many packages as you prefer.

7. How many types of dough and toppings are available?

The following 4 Flavours of dough and two Flavours of toppings are available:
7a. Rotiboy
7b. Buttermilk
7c. Mocha
7d. Cheeseboy
7e. Coffee Cream Topping
7f. Butter Cream Topping

8. Are Rotiboy products Halal?

Yes, all Rotiboy products are Jakim Halal Certified and produced in our Central production facility with ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP certifications.

9. Will there be more products in the future?

Yes, we will regularly introduce new products. Rotiboy Home Bakers can propose and vote for their next product and we will respond accordingly.

10. Where and when can we place orders and make payment?

You can order via the link here. Payment will be through online banking.

11. What is the lead time between order and Delivery?

Rotiboy will ensure that you get your dough within 3 to 5 days from the date of payment, ie, Order 1st, receive between 4th and 6th.

12. How do we store the Frozen Packages?

Frozen dough and toppings can be stored in the freezer compartment of the fridge or in chest freezers which is the preferred storage medium.

13. How long can the dough and cream last?

Frozen dough can last for some time but we suggest to bake all the dough within 6 weeks as home refrigerator may not be as efficient as commercial cold room.

For cream toppings, once opened, keep it in a sealed container in the freezer for up to 6 weeks.

14. What do we mean by Rotiboy Home Bakers Community?

This is a community of people who share the same interests for baking Rotiboy buns and other Rotiboy Products. It is a platform for sharing your “Rotiboy masterpiece”, any great ideas of baking & enjoying the hot buns at home, any sweet moments shared with your family while baking the buns, and all things Rotiboy.

By community, we mean the following;
14a. Long term engagement and interaction with our friends and fans.
14b. We showcase new Home bake products regularly.
14c. We conduct workshops for all certified Rotiboy Home Bakers and community members.
14d. We give priority to Community members and Certified Bakers to test new products.
14e. We will be all about helping you bake bakery at home.
14f. Encourage sharing of tips and knowledge among community members.

15. Who can join this community?

Anyone who has ordered frozen dough online and baked Rotiboy signature buns at home will be invited to join the Rotiboy Home Bakers Community.

16. Are there any special benefits, discounts or promotions available to Rotiboy Home Bakers?

Yes, there will be both tangible and intangible, financial and non financial benefits to RHBs. There will also be special awards to be won. All this will be announced as and when we introduce to the Community.